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Being a Florist PROS and CONS

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

If you love flowers like I do and have a passion to become a floral designer, then go follow my flower Instagram @flowersbyalexis

Today I’m going to talk about the

5 pros and 5 cons of being a florist

I asked florists in my Instagram stories to give me some pros and cons on their career,

The responses I got back where very eye opening!

If you want to learn the 5 pros and 5 cons of being a florist than click the link below!

But for those of you who prefer to read,...


1. Florists are ALWAYS GOING TO BE A NEEDED!! (Even in a pandemic)

Fresh flowers never go out of style. Trends may change, but people will always continue to get married, and have events.

Even during a global pandemic! Florists are needed more then ever, flowers lift up sprits and make people happy!

2. Creative outlet

I love doing artsy related jobs. I love being a florist because I get to design cool flower arrangements every day.

Not to mention, some of the flowers I work with are really cool!

Before I was a florist I went to a technical high school for graphic design.

If you need graphics done, contact me at for graphic design inquiries! I design all the graphics on my instagram and even my own logo!

I liked the creative artsy part, but I was sitting all day and I didn’t like that I was glued to a computer all day.

Which brings me to my next point,

3. Travel to cool locations

As a florist I travel a lot to different venues locations in my area, Pennsylvania.

This has allowed to me see a lot a really cool places and explore areas of Pennsylvania that I never would have typically gone too, but I am glad I did!

Traveling to these venues and places has allowed me to met and network with people who are also in the wedding industry!

4. College degee isn’t necessary

This may come to a surprise to most, but you don’t need a degree to become a florist!

A lot of florists are entrepreneurs which I will talk about in a second,...

But you may want to get a degree in business, because being a florist is more than just arranging flowers!

Or get a degree in art, or Interior design for all you floral stylist!

5. Be your own boss! Entrepreneur

Most florists are entrepreneurs meaning, they are their own boss!

Now of course, you can deffintetly choose to work at a flower shop and gain revenue that way.

But I gotta be honest, you make the most money as a florist by owning your own business.

Check out these articles to help you jumpstart your florist career!


1. Low salary

Florists unfortunately don't make a ton of money. According to this glass door salary estimator, florists make anywhere from 25-34k a year in the Philadelphia area (subject to change depending on where you live).

Which really isn't a whole lot when you think about it

2. Busy holiday season

As a florist you will work most the major holidays and they will be BUSY! the months leading up to the holidays will be spent planing and preparing for the holidays.

Here is a list of the major busy holidays,

Valentine's Day

Mother's Day



Not to mention proms, and church events!

which brings me to my next point,...

3. Working most weekends

As a florist you will work most weekends.

If you decide to do more of the weddings and events side of floristry, then you will work most weekends because most events like weddings and parties take place on the weekends!

The same goes for being a retail florist. You will work at least on Saturdays because things like proms happen and you want to be open to get those orders!

4. Early mornings to the flower market

Get ready to wake up at the crack of dawn!

Most flower shops open at 6:00-7:00am.

You want to be one of the first in line!

Depending on where you are located geographically, flower markets can get quite busy! You want to be the first in line at the markets to get the good stuff!

If you are not a morning person you can look into online flower markets that deliver flowers straight to you.

I just prefer to hand pick my flowers because I am crazy (:

5. Bad knees and bad back

As a florist you are standing most of the day.

I find it to be challenging to arrange flowers while sitting down, maybe its different for you, but I find its easier to arrange and stand.

Because you are standing most of the day, you may find your lower back and knees hurting.

My ex coworker used to yell at me every day about wearing my vans and flip-flops to work (horrible idea don't recommend open toe shoes)

These aren't the most stylish,... but they will help with your back and knees and offer major support.

Your classic KLOG!

Maybe a get a fun color to change it up and add some SPICE!

I hope this helped you all!

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JUMPSTART your floral design career!

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