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Do you need a store front to be a successful florist? the TRUTH!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

"But I’ll never be a successful million dollar florist if I don't have a store front!!" -Scared newbie

Ehhh... that’s not entirely true,...

Hello fellow florists and newbies! My name is Alexis Christine and I have been a florist for the last 6 years! Welcome to my florist blog/youtube channel!

If you love flowers like I do and have a passion to become a floral designer, then go follow my flower Instagram @flowersbyalexis

Common questions I get asked are;

"Do you need a store front to be a successful florist?"

"Can I run my flower business from home and still be successful"

"Do I have to own a flower shop to be a florist?"

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But for those of you who prefer to read,...

It really depends on what your trying to do.

There’s different types of florists you can be or you could combine the two!

Retail florist or wedding and events florists.

I have an entire video/blog article that I’ll link HERE that throughly explains the difference between the two if you want more detail


Now I find that if you are looking to be a retail florists that sells arrangements each day with same day delivery,

In my opinion it would be better to have a store front.

At the flower shop I currently work at we get a lot of foot traffic (daily walkers out and about walking the town) of people coming in to the store asking me for flowers and plant.

It is also good to have a place to display your work in person for people to see.

Most flower shops are at its busiest during the holidays

If you have a lot of orders you may need a big space and STAFF to help you fulfill them and a home base for your delivery drivers come back too

In my experience, Retail florist make the most by having a store front because people can walk in, view your product, buy and leave with a gift!


A wedding florist job is easier to run from home. I personally do not think you need a store front for this kind of business.

It really isn’t all the way necessary to have a store front unless you want to do both weddings and events and retail.