Florist Tool Kit Essentials, must have tools to get you started as a florist!

Updated: Feb 16

Hello fellow florists and newbies! My name is Alexis Christine and I have been a florist for the last 6 years! Welcome to my florist blog/youtube channel!

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Today I am going to be going over what is in my florists tool kit and share with you all my tool kit essentials for everyday florist work.

I got inspired by this girl who did a what’s in my purse video, So Im doing a “florist version”

Click the link below to watch the full video!

But for those of you who prefer to read,...

This is my florist tool kit!


I take this to work with me everyday and to event set ups.

I got the container off of Amazon.

Yes it comes in other colors!

I love this tool kit because its small, portable and easily fits under my table while I am working.

As a florist you are going to need the following tools,

  1. Stem wrap floral tape

  2. Water proof oasis tape

  3. Rose Stripper

  4. Pins

  5. Cutting scissors

  6. Ribbon scissors

  7. Clippers

  8. Knife

  9. Glue

  10. Thick Wire

  11. Bind wire


  1. Nutrigrain bar

  2. Water

Heres a break down of the tools and WHY they are important!


Here is a list of the top tools I use everyday as a florist as well as 5 star brands I recommend!


Clippers are a must! Some florists prefer using a knife, but I like using clippres, its really all about personal preference.

The clippers by TABOR are my favorite by far! everyone swears by Fiskers but they rust so fast and as I stated above, we live in a wet world, so anything that rusts that fast, I can't have it!


These clippers are just as new as the day I got them, they have nice "spring" to them and they are a MUST HAVE !!


Some florists however prefer working with a knife when they design.

I found that I really like using this swiss army knife. its super sharp, and I like that it folds inward so I can put it in my pocket safely and whip it out when needed!


- Its also purple to match my case lol.

Rose Stripper

This is easily the best florist invention ever!!! Nobody likes going home with bloody thorned hands! and thanks to this fella, we don't have to anymore!

This rose stripper knocks off all the thorns and leaves from the rose while leaving your hands safe and sound!


This style in particular is my favorite because it protects your hand from getting pricked.

I don't like the silver prong looking things because your thumbs still have a tendency to get pricked by the thorns as the design does not offer much protection.

Cutting Scissors

Your cutting scissors not the be mistaken to for your ribbon scissors are strictly for cutting flower stems and other flower related materials.

Ribbon Scissors

Your ribbon scissors are your baby! treat them with love and care and use them ONLY for cutting ribbon! Sometimes brides bring sacred family fabric passed on from generation to gerneration and the last thing you want to do is stain and shred it with your nasty green cutting scissors!

- I am exaggerating guys but seriously, who wants a jagged edge???


As a florist you will find yourself using various forms of tape throughout your floral career. The two most common tapes I use almost everyday on the job are stem wrap tape and water proof oasis tape.

Stem Wrap Tape

Stem wrap tape is used to make boutioneers and hold bouquets together. its self adhesive, so as you pull on it, the stickiness activates and it adheres to itself.


- I prefer the lighter green tape I think it blends better with the flower stems

(but thats just my opinion!)

Water Proof Oasis Tape