Florist Tool Kit Essentials, must have tools to get you started as a florist!

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Hello fellow florists and newbies! My name is Alexis Christine and I have been a florist for the last 6 years! Welcome to my florist blog/youtube channel!

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Today I am going to be going over what is in my florists tool kit and share with you all my tool kit essentials for everyday florist work.

I got inspired by this girl who did a what’s in my purse video, So Im doing a “florist version”

Click the link below to watch the full video!

But for those of you who prefer to read,...

This is my florist tool kit!


I take this to work with me everyday and to event set ups.

I got the container off of Amazon.

Yes it comes in other colors!

I love this tool kit because its small, portable and easily fits under my table while I am working.