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How to become a Florist in 2020 (with no experience!)

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Hey guys my name is Alexis and I have been a florist for the last 6 years. I have a youtube channel and blog dedicated to helping aspiring florists become masters florists and help jump start their career in floral design!

If you have a passion to become a florist in 2020 but you aren't sure where to start,... then sit back, relax and grab your pencil because I am about to share with you the 5 easy ways you can become a florist in 2020 with no experience!

Click to watch the full video below:

But for those of you who would prefer to read,...

I get a lot of DMs in my instagram @flowersbyalexis asking me, how do I become a florist with no experience? Or how do I get a job as florist?

Let me give you some back story on my experience, for me, I started working at a flower shop in my small town

In my personal experience, I did not need florist background to become a floral designer working at my small town flower shop.

Higher volume flower shops and places that specialize in weddings or events would typically require prior floral design experience ( Like a whole portfolio pics and all! AND at LEAST 2-3 yeast of floral design) in order to work for them.

Now there is a huge difference between a wedding and retail florists, and I recommend reading up on it to learn the differences so you can figure out which one you wanna be based on the jobs requirements!

My number one way on how to become a floral designer is work at a flower shop

Here are a few key reasons on why you should work at a flower shop

  1. Real life experience as a florist

  2. Learn different types of flowers

  3. Create and design flower arrangements

  4. Learn some of the business side of being a florist and learn how to run a flower shop

The last point 4, learning the business portion of being a florist is the most important thing about working at a flower shop.

As a florist you will need to be able to properly sell your designs in order to make a profit and the best way in my opinion is learning in person at a flower shop.You need to be more than just a good designer, you need to be a smart business savvy person as well.

Now that begs the question, Alexis, How do I get a job at flower shop to become a florist?

In next weeks blog post/video (Monday January 11, 2021) Learn all about how to increase your chances on landing a job at a flower shop.

What kind of flower shops are you applying too?

I had one girl dm me and say a lot of the stores in her area need 1-2 years of flower experience and I was afraid she wouldn’t land a job.

If this your situation, I would first look at the places you are applying at and ask yourself this:

  • Are they busy full service flower shop?


  • is it more of a mom and pop store?

Where you need to be looking are the small mom and pop stores. You need to get you flower knowledge and experience.

Here you can do things are a smaller slower pace

That way once you get the art of floral design and gain job experience. This will then open the door for you and allow you to apply and work for those more competitive flower shops/ design studios.

Take some floral design classes!

Another way you can become a floral designer is to take classes.

You can do this by simply searching “floral design schools near me” in google search and see what colleges are offering courses.

Some colleges offer a full majoring degree option, others just offer floral design an elective classes. Talk to an advisor to see what your options are.

If you’re looking to become a certified floral designer, you can become certified through the American Institute of Floral Designers.

Find yourself a digital mentor

I highly recommend you find a digital mentor and or someone you look up to.

I’m on Instagram 24/7 so if you don’t already, follow me on Instagram at flowersbyalexis

Now for me, I follow some really amazing floral designers and are constantly checking their instagrams for inspiration and business guidance.

A lot of these designers I follow host work shops and design classes in their area and the more popular designers go on world tours!

I’m telling you all this because if you like a particular style a designer does than might as well become an expert in their style and take thier classes to learn how to become great like them.

Sometimes these classes can be a bit pricey. I recommend starting a mini savings for classes.

Don’t look at it like money waisted,...

Look at it like you're making an investment into your business and yourself and paying for these classes will make you a better designer and or smarter business personal.

Teach yourself! Time for some DIY’s

Now my final tip on how to become a florist is to teach yourself!

Go buy some flowers, turn on some YouTube videos (particularly mine (; ),... and try it for yourself!

Develop your own style and figure out what makes your designs different from everyone else’s!

Create an Instagram account and share your creations with the world.

Accept any and all feedback and learn from all your critiques.

The beauty about art is that it’s whatever you want it to be.

I hope this helped you guys! Don't forget to check out the full youtube video linked above and subscribe to my channel for daily florist tips!

Have lovely day!

Alexis Christine

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