How to become a Florist in 2020 (with no experience!)

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Hey guys my name is Alexis and I have been a florist for the last 6 years. I have a youtube channel and blog dedicated to helping aspiring florists become masters florists and help jump start their career in floral design!

If you have a passion to become a florist in 2020 but you aren't sure where to start,... then sit back, relax and grab your pencil because I am about to share with you the 5 easy ways you can become a florist in 2020 with no experience!

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But for those of you who would prefer to read,...

I get a lot of DMs in my instagram @flowersbyalexis asking me, how do I become a florist with no experience? Or how do I get a job as florist?

Let me give you some back story on my experience, for me, I started working at a flower shop in my small town

In my personal experience, I did not need florist background to become a floral designer working at my small town flower shop.

Higher volume flower shops and places that specialize in weddings or events would typically require prior floral design experience ( Like a whole portfolio pics and all! AND at LEAST 2-3 yeast of floral design) in order to work for them.

Now there is a huge difference between a wedding and retail florists, and I recommend reading up on it to learn the differences so you can figure out which one you wanna be based on the jobs requirements!

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