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How to get a Job at a flower shop and jumpstart your florist career!

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Hello fellow florists and newbies! My name is Alexis Christine and I have been a florist for the last 6 years! Welcome to my florist blog/youtube channel!

If you love flowers like I do and have a passion to become a floral designer, then go follow my flower Instagram @flowersbyalexis

My most popular video to date is how to become a florist in 2020 with no experience!

In that video I talk about the different ways you can become a florist.

For more information,

Now for me: If this is your first time here, I have been a florist for the last 6 years since 2014.

I work at a flower shop in my hometown and I am the manager there.

Today I’m going to help you land a job at flower shop so you can jumpstart your florist career!

but for those of you who prefer to read,...

As I stated above, I am the manager at my small town flower shop. I work closely with the owner and help him hire new employees.

I know what flower shop owners are looking for in their employees.

I can help you get ahead of the game and help you land a job a little easier!

I am also going to help shape your resume so that way you can increase the chances of you getting hired!

If you want to know how to land a job at flower shop then keep reading! 😊😊

Working at flower shop here are some things you will be doing

on a day to basis

1. Making flower arrangements for various occasions like birthday, anniversary etc

2. Good customer service r Answering phone and taking orders

3. Helping out customers in the thr store if you have a store front

4. Cleaning flowers

5. Cleaning the actual store things get messy

You need to be hard working and you can be afraid to get a little dirty!

If that all sounds fun to you, now here’s how to actually get a job at flower shop.

The first thing I would do is go in person to the store and apply that way.

I like meeting people in person and getting to feel the kind of vibe they have.

There are 3 main things I am looking for when I’m hiring new people:

1. Personality,

2. Creativity

3. How well you can folllow instructions


Personality is more the phones and dealing with customers in person.

You are the face of the business and the reason why people come back so be fun, nice and inviting!


You are a floral designer! it’s not just putting flowers into a vase, you gotta know your colors, what kind of flowers go well together, how to design certain structures, etc,...

You have to do a little engineering. Sometimes you are making crazy installations and need to think outside the box so creativity and imagination is a must!


Some people you can give them a task and they do it perfect every time!

Others take a little longer. How fast and well you are able to follow instructions is definitely something I look for in employees.

"Should I bring a Resume?"

Now as far as your resume goes, flower shop owners in my how to become a florist video "where saying oh you don’t need a resume that’s not something I look for."

I guess it can really go either way for some owners, but for me, I always have a resume when I go into any job.

To me it does not matter how big or small the job is. I think it’s important to have a piece of paper with your information and the jobs similar to the ones you are applying.

If your like me and want to have a resume out together when you try and get your flower shop jobs then listen out for these tips:

I touched on this topic briefly in my how to become a florist video.

I would put on my resume all the jobs that have to do with retail and plant work.

If you worked at let’s say, the mall and you did retail work there then that’s something you can put on your resume to help you get a job at a flower shop.

If you have ever worked in a greenhouse thats something good to put down.

If you majored in art or horticulture in college this will help increase your chances on landing a job.

I worked as a graphic designer before I was a florist. I was in school when I got my job as a florist while in high school.

Because I was a graphic designer I was able to apply my art skills from that career to being a florist.

"When is the best time of year to apply to flower shops?"

Now after doing research and talking to other business owners and my own experience...

I believe it’s best to try and apply to flower shops like a month or two before the “busy season” also known as the holidays,

Stores are looking for extra help right around the holidays so I recommend going a month or two before Christmas to try and land the job!

This will give the other experienced florists working a chance to train you.

This will give you time to absorb as much knowledge as possible and gain confidence in yourself and designs before the busy season rush comes whirling through!

Be confident and remember to try your best,

I hope this helped you all!

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JUMPSTART your floral design career!

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