Photoshoot Collaboration 1/16/2021 taken by Gemini Sun Creative Photography

I had never been on a hike before this day.

I also have never been to Wissahickon Valley Park before the day I met Daniela and Gia and Kerwin.

I lived in Philadelphia/suburban area my whole life and the fact that I never done either things was baffling to everyone, and boy was I in a for a treat!

The focal flower for this bouquet are the anemones! I was so happy to find these lovelies!

IG @flowersbyalexis

The day started with me to the park around 2:30pm in the afternoon. There was a crap ton of traffic and I literally had to back my car out of this skinny little lot, turn around and park blocks away from the restaurant where we all met up at.

While finding parking I met up with Daniela the photographer/mastermind of the beautiful photos you see here!

IG @geminisuncreative

Daniela was the sweetest, most kindest soul! Her bubbly personality shines through her work and mask as we tried to keep socially distant as possible