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Photoshoot Collaboration 1/16/2021 taken by Gemini Sun Creative Photography

I had never been on a hike before this day.

I also have never been to Wissahickon Valley Park before the day I met Daniela and Gia and Kerwin.

I lived in Philadelphia/suburban area my whole life and the fact that I never done either things was baffling to everyone, and boy was I in a for a treat!

The focal flower for this bouquet are the anemones! I was so happy to find these lovelies!

The day started with me to the park around 2:30pm in the afternoon. There was a crap ton of traffic and I literally had to back my car out of this skinny little lot, turn around and park blocks away from the restaurant where we all met up at.

While finding parking I met up with Daniela the photographer/mastermind of the beautiful photos you see here!

Daniela was the sweetest, most kindest soul! Her bubbly personality shines through her work and mask as we tried to keep socially distant as possible

Meeting Gia and Kerwin was amazing! This power couple is beautiful both inside and out.

There love shines through each photo, you can really feel the passion.

They were so extremely cute to photograph. the couple owns a wedding business of their own and was in need of more photos for their website.

I provided the flower bouquet made by Flowers By Alexis

We hiked 1.4 miles that day! I climbed up mountains and through streams while holding jackets and box with a vase.

My job while they where being photographed was to take the behind the scenes shots!

How did I do ???

Find the pictures from the shoot below!

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