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What is a Florist?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Hey world!

my name is Alexis Christine I am 21, and I have been a florist for the past 6 years!

From working at my small town flower shop to working at a multi million dollar wedding company, to now running my very own side wedding flower biz, Ive done it all,…

I created this Blog/YouTube channel to help others jumpstart their career in floral design!

In this Blog/channel you can find helpful tutorials, business tips and advice, lifestyle vlogs and more!

If you love flowers like I do then subscribe to my channel for more videos and follow me on Instagram at @flowersbyalexis

Now you might be thinking, "Alexis, what is a florist?"

According to the dictionary,...

Florist (n) : A person who sells and arranges plants and cut flowers.


We don’t just “arrange flowers” Karen…

Florists are problem solvers, engineers, therapists and most importantly, ARTISTS!

The most common reason why people use a florist is to send flowers for different occiaions.

This can be for a birthday, anniversary, get well, sympathy, wedding…

Theres literally a million reasons on why someone could send flowers!

If you are curious as to what a florist does on a day to day basis then check out day in the life of a florist video where I will walk through a day in my life and show you the craziness that is my life lol

If you want to know how much money I make check this video "how much money does a florist ACTUALLY make?"

I break down all the price points that I made through my own experience plus research on how much you could be making as a florist at different points of your career.

In next weeks blog post/video I am going to explaining the differences between a retail florist VS. Wedding florist to find out which of the two, would be the best career option for you!

Thank you so much for reading another post, I will see you all in my next one,


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